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The Latest New Product From Copper & Kings

CK RumCopper & Kings is proud to announce the latest innovation to it’s fine ultra-luxury uber-premium portfolio of distilled spirits.


The product – William Hendricks, named for the first recorded distiller in America, who in 1640 was 42 years old.


The exceptional spirit is a rum, made with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, using 51% white Kentucky corn, and ultra-osmosified Kentucky limestone water,  then aged in a West Texas Intermediate barrel.


“This spirit takes my breath away” says Copper & Kings Founder Joe Heron.


“Full throttle from the top of your head to your toes, all of them” says Head Distiller Brandon O’Daniel.


Creative Director Ron Jasin describes it as “Jean-Michel Basquiat on a surfboard tied down on a Jeep Grand Wagoneer without brakes.”


Master Mixologist Christopher “Skinny Jeans” Wilkins is an avid fan. “This completely blows everything I’ve ever used out of the glass. Damn the torpedoes baby!”


Resident Historian Jake Vollmer describes it as “Real Craft. It’s made with real hands.”


The product is 130 Proof / 65% ABV and comes in a very convenient 1 liter brown bottle. With an easy to use screw top cap.


The product will be available in all 53 states and other USA colonies. SRP is $27.36.