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Mocktober Tuesday

We love mocktails because they include everyone in the party! This Bourbon optional recipe is beautiful with or without the Bourbon. (Thanks to The Little Epicurean for the recipe)



  • 5 blackberries
  • 6-8 mint leaves
  • 2 tsp agave syrup
  • 1 oz lemon juice
  • 2 oz bourbon (optional)
  • 4 oz ginger ale

To garnish: blackberries, mint leaves, lime wedges


In a tall serving glass, muddle together blackberries, mint leaves, agave syrup, and lemon juice.  Add Bourbon (or don’t!).  Fill glass with ice.  Top with ginger ale. Stir to combine.  Garnish with additional blackberries, mint leaves, and lemon/lime wedges.  Serve immediately.

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