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Wild Turkey Events – 2017 Kentucky Bourbon Affair

Wild Turkey

Russell’s Reserve Rye Single Barrel Selection

Tuesday, June 6th, 1-4pm
Wild Turkey Distillery, 1417 Versailles Rd, Lawrenceburg, KY
Price: $275

Let the Russells share almost 100 years of distilling experience as they take you on a behind the scenes tour to experience Bourbon & Rye production. As a group, select from prized barrels of Russell’s Reserve Rye and then gear up to bottle your own share on the production line.


Barrel Proof Sharpshooter Challenge

Wednesday & Friday June 7th & 9th, 10am-3pm
Wild Turkey Distillery, 1417 Versailles Rd, Lawrenceburg, KY
Price: $185

Join the Masters, Eddie and Jimmy, as they guide you through the Wild Turkey Distillery located in Lawrenceburg, KY. Explore the rich history and age old process of making the finest Bourbon in the world along with hands on activities to give you even more insight into what it takes to produce this rich and unique liquid gold. Your day at Wild Turkey will include the rare opportunity to “Shoot the Bird” with the Masters in an onsite skeet shoot, led by industry professionals.

Following the skeet shoot, you will be given an opportunity few will ever receive.  You will be tasked to create your own blend of Wild Turkey during the Rare Breed Challenge where your creations will be put to the ultimate test-the palate of a Master Distiller!
Your journey will come to an end at our historical Station Master’s House. Don’t worry about packing a brown bag, we have planned some of our favorite Kentucky themed dishes to be served.

To top off your unique experience you will be the first to receive a 750 ml bottle of our newly packaged, barrel proof Rare Breed bourbon-directly off the bottling line! We can’t wait to see you at the Wild Turkey Distillery.


Hometown Social

Thursday, June 8th, 6:30-10:30pm
Downtown Lawrenceburg, KY
Price: $200

Bourbon is better when shared together! Join us as we co-host an unforgettable evening in our hometown of Lawrenceburg, KY.  Learn about the rich bourbon history of our town from our own Legends, Al Young and Jimmy Russell.  Pull up a seat with The Masters of Main Street, Eddie Russell and Brent Elliott to discover the likenesses and differences between our two Distilleries; from the grains to the water sources. Sip some of our fine Bourbons including exclusive selections such as Al Young’s 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Small Batch and Master’s Keep Decades as well as delicious Bourbon cocktails.

Taste cuisine made by local eateries. As the sun sets, enjoy a Bourbon inspired dinner while dining at a picturesque farm table running down the center of Main Street. Learn about the art of hand rolling cigars from Lawrenceburg’s very own Kentucky Gentleman Cigar Company. End the evening dancing in the streets with live music provided by Hot Brown Smackdown.

With over 160 years combined experience; Jimmy and Eddie and Brent and Al, are truly masters of their trade.

It’s sure to be a down-home, good time.

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