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Wilderness Trail Events – 2017 Kentucky Bourbon Affair

Wilderness Trail Distillery

Bourbon Science

Wednesday, June 7th, 10am-2pm
Wilderness Trail Distillery, 4095 Lebanon Road, Danville, KY
Price: $125

This event is a chance to explore the science behind Bourbon making by tasting and experiencing the differences between Kentucky water sources, various grains and processing, mash recipes, and yeast strains. Participants also will examine how bacteria and other microbes play a role in flavor development.

The event concludes with a scientific walk-through of the Bourbon making process and a look at barrel aging and exclusive selection and tasting of various Wilderness Trail Bourbons and Rye Whiskeys. Everyone will receive a special edition bottle of Rye Whiskey, which has yet to be released and is not available to the public. A Bourbon-themed luncheon with the experts offers everyone the opportunity for additional discussion and interaction.

Tickets going on sale soon!
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