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You are cordially invited to attend a private dinner this October, at our sister site, Woodland Farm. The 1000-acre farm is home to many heritage breeds of livestock, including American Bison, and has several large gardens that implement sustainable practices. The fruits of the farm can be tasted in the dining rooms of both Proof on Main and our own Barn8 Restaurant. On Sunday, October 2nd Barn8 will host a multi-course dinner centered around the American Bison raised at Woodland Farm. These herds, which include approximately 300 Plains and Woods Cross Buffalo, have grown from base stock purchased at national shows and well-known buffalo farms. Barn8 Executive Chef, Seth Kinder, is preparing a thoughtfully curated dinner that will incorporate aspects of these bison in every dish. This dinner presents a rare opportunity to visit the stunning property of Woodland Farm, where American Bison have been raised sustainably since 1996. With a cocktail hour preceding dinner and drink pairings with each course, this is sure to be a truly unique farm-to-table dining experience. Due to the rare and exclusive nature of the dinner, tickets are especially limited and can be purchased from our website. We look forward to hosting you for The Bison Dinner at Woodland Farm.

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