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Straight up Answers

  1. How long does it take to tour all of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® distilleries? While we encourage you to relax and enjoy your trip, we know that proper planning is a necessity. That said, you should allow at least three days to visit all nine of our historic distilleries. Check out the tour times for each distillery on the distillery pages of the web site. Or ride stress-free with our friends at Mint Julep Tours and R&R Limousine Service.
  2. How long are the tours? Each distillery’s tour is unique, and some offer specialty tours that can take longer. You should plan on spending at least an hour and a half at each distillery to tour and visit the gift shop and tasting room. If you’re interested in times for a specific distillery tour, we encourage you to call ahead.
  3. How far are the distilleries from each other? Some are as close as eight miles and others are as far as 70 miles. Check out the Map and Guide section of our web site for driving directions and distances between distilleries. And remember— this is Kentucky. The scenery is beautiful.
  4. How do I complete the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Passport? Collect stamps at all nine distilleries (pick up a Passport at any distillery) to earn a free Kentucky Bourbon Trail® T-shirt when you submit your completed Passport. Your Passport will be shipped back to you along with the shirt. Please include your T-shirt size. Shirts come in adult male sizes from small to 3XL. Please mail your completed Passport to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, 838 East High Street, Suite 165, Lexington, KY 40502. Or even better and faster, you can get your shirts immediately in the Louisville, Lexington, Bardstown, Shepherdsville or Lebanon. Click here for a complete list of addresses, hours and contact info.
  5. Where can I find directions to the distilleries? Check out the Map and Guide section of our web site for complete driving directions to each distillery. We’ve been told that some GPS devices aren’t completely accurate for providing directions. Ours have been tested and driven. Trust us. And keep in mind that sometimes cell service can get dodgy on the beautiful backroads of Kentucky.  Or download our iPhone app for directions and more…
  6. Is there an admission fee? Yes, all distilleries charge a minimal admission fee for tours. Some distilleries have abbreviated or extended specialty tours that vary in cost. Please see the distillery pages of our web site to see which distilleries offer specialty tours and for pricing, then call ahead for costs and availability. One note, Four Roses and Jim Beam have two locations to choose from for your stamp page–you only need one but you are welcome to visit both!
  7. Do I have to take a tour to receive a stamp in my passport? Yes, our program requires visitors to take the tour at each distillery in order to receive a stamp in their passport. However, it is at the discretion of each distillery to make those exceptions.
  8. What about tours for large groups? If there are 10 or more people in your group, please call ahead to the distilleries that you plan to visit to give them a head’s up.
  9. Where should I start my visit to the distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour? Anywhere! The KBTTM tour is not a geographic route – so there is no official beginning or end to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour. You’re free and welcome to start in any one of our landmark distilleries or historic communities. Our Trip Planner section can also assist you.
  10. Are people under 21 allowed to take tours? All distilleries require you to be at least 21 to sample their products if they offer tastings, but anyone is welcome to tour the distilleries. You must be 21 participate in the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Passport Program.
  11. Are reservations needed or required? General one hour distillery tours are available on a walk-in basis, but reservations are highly recommended and can be made at each distillery website (with the exception of Angel’s Envy which is by reservation only).  Please call ahead if your tour group has 10 or more people. Specialty tours require reservations. Check out the distillery pages of our web site for more information.
  12. Do distilleries offer samples? All distilleries offer a complimentary tasting at the end of the tour.
  13. Can you buy Bourbon at the distilleries? Under Kentucky law, visitors can purchase up to three liters per customer, per day at the gift shop.
  14. Will the 2017 Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Passport be different than the 2016 Passport? The Passports have changed recently with new experiences added, but remember, your passport will never expire. Simply get your old passport stamped in the notes section and submit for your free t-shirt. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail® t-shirt changes every year in design and color. All completed Passports received after January 1, 2017 will receive the 2017 not-sold-in-stores shirt. And remember – you can always tour our member distilleries again and submit a new completed Passport to get this year’s t-shirt!
  15. Can I use the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® trademark or logos? Kentucky Bourbon Trail® is a registered trademark of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association. We’re very careful in their use, just like our distilleries practice great care in producing their Bourbons. Please contact us at 502.875.9351 for information on terms of use and potential licensing agreements.
  16. Can I get a non-alcoholic beverage at a distillery? Yes, most distilleries offer complimentary water, lemonade or other non-alcoholic refreshments. Please ask your tour guide.
  17. How can I get directions to other distilleries if I’m already on the road? Each distillery has printed directions to the other stops. Ask one of our friendly distillery workers for printed directions to your next location.
  18. Can I mail more than one completed Passport in the same envelope? Yes. But for shipping purposes, we must return each Passport and T-shirt in a separate envelope. Please keep in mind that we cannot ship to PO boxes.
  19. Are there any times during the year that distilleries aren’t in full production mode? Several KBTTM distilleries limit production for essential maintenance during some summer months. Full tours are still available during these times, but you probably will not see Bourbon being produced. Please visit each distilleries’ website for full details.
  20. Why isn’t every distillery represented on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour? You must be a member distillery of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association in order to participate in the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® tour or the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour™.
  21. Are the distilleries handicap accessible? While Kentucky Distillers’ Association members make every effort to comply with all legal building code requirements, visitors should contact each distillery individually with specific accessibility questions.