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field guide - Bourbon Trail Passport & Field Guide

Ready to make your Bourbon Trailjourney official? 

The Bourbon TrailPassport & Field Guide is your ticket to experiencing the one true home of Bourbon. Like the spirits you’ll taste here, it tells a story you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Carry it with you, and allow it to guide you to adventures unknown. Along winding backroads, across sprawling fields of Bluegrass and into mysterious rickhouses you’ll go—all for the love of Kentucky Bourbon. Ready to start your journey?

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First, you’ll need a Bourbon TrailPassport & Field Guide. This book will serve as your interactive passport and go-to planning resource. You can purchase one at participating distilleries or order online at kybourbontrailshop.com.

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There are 37 distilleries in total, but whether you tackle them all or just one is entirely up to you! Here in KY, we do things at our own pace—and you should, too.

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With every experience you enjoy at a KBT® or KBTCTdistillery, collect a stamp on that distillery’s page in your Field Guide.

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There are multiple ways to receive rewards. Check out your Bourbon TrailPassport & Field Guide to learn more about how to conquer the ultimate Bourbon journey.



Where Do I Get A New Field Guide?

The Bourbon Trail Passport & Field Guide will be sold at all Kentucky Bourbon Trail® and Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour® as well as at the KBT Welcome Center®. You may also choose to purchase it in advance from our online shop. 

What’s New? What Happened to the Free Passport?

We wanted to simplify the experience for our visitors by combining the KBT® and the KBTCTPassport books into one, and add value by making it a fun resource for your trip. This 150+ page book includes trip planning resources, cocktail recipes, tasting notes, tips and tricks, and so much more!

Will My Passport Expire? What About My Old One?

No, your passports will never expire so take your time and complete them at your leisure. You may continue to use your old passports, or combine them with the new one via paperclip, cut and paste – whatever you prefer. Reach out to enjoy@kybourbon.com with questions.

How do the QR Codes Work?

This is new! You will notice a QR code in the front of the book that you will scan to register your Field Guide and begin your journey. Registering your book will keep you up to date on the latest news and events as you work on completing your quest. Once you collect all 18 KBT® distillery stamps and/or all 19 KBTCTdistillery stamps, you will receive a completion QR stamp in the back of the book at the last distillery you visit. You will scan this completion code to let us know you’ve finished and work toward the ultimate Bourbon gift for completing both experiences!

Do I Have To Take A Tour To Receive A Stamp In My Passport?

Under normal circumstances, yes – we require visitors to take a tour at each distillery to receive a stamp in their passport. Since not all distilleries are offering traditional tours during COVID, each distillery is handling the stamping process differently.

What If A Distillery Is Closed Due To COVID?

If a distillery is closed due to COVID during the time of your visit, the stamp will not be required in your passport for completion. Please make a note of it on that distillery page and your passport will still be honored.

What Do I Get for Completing My Passport?

For the KBT®, just having the Bourbon TrailPassport & Field Guide and getting it stamped will unlock access to extra special things along the way! Show your Field Guide at any KBT® distillery and you will be able to purchase special bottles and swag, or get access to special tastings, tours, and other experiences (offerings will vary by distillery). 

For the KBTCT the gifting model is staying the same. As you complete each region, you will receive a challenge coin for that region at the last distillery you visit. When you complete all four regions, you will receive a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour® tasting tray stave!

If you complete both the KBT®and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour®, you will receive a surprise Bourbon gift. You must scan both QR codes for our system to recognize your completion.

Where Do I Turn In My Passport?

There is no longer a need to “turn in” the new Bourbon Trail Passport & Field Guide. You will simply get your completion stamp at the last distillery you visit and scan the QR code to let us know you’re done. When you complete both experiences and have both stamps, you will receive the ultimate Bourbon gift! 

Forgot to get your completion stamp at the last distillery you visited? You can stop by the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Welcome Center® at the Frazier Museum, 829 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202 — or — mail it to us with a return address noted and we will get it back to you: Kentucky Bourbon Trail, 100 Capital Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601.


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