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Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary With The Launch Of A New Era In Bourbon Tourism

By:Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Posted: June 2, 2024

By:Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Posted: June 2, 2024

New Kentucky Bourbon Trail® logo

There is Bourbon, and there is Kentucky Bourbon. And if you don’t know the difference, you haven’t visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.® Forty-six distilleries that have opened their doors and invited visitors to be part of their story, together comprising the world’s most beloved Bourbon destination.

“We are grateful to the millions of visitors per year who have chosen to include us in your plans,” said KDA President Eric Gregory. “Kentucky Bourbon Trail members are constantly working to deliver an extraordinary experience that is worthy of your time and your investment.”

From a modest beginning in 1999 with only 7 distilleries, the Bourbon Trail™ has evolved and grown beyond anyone’s expectations into a world-class visitor experience.

“We’ve watched the profile of our visitor evolve, with more people flying in from greater distances with higher expectations, and distilleries have raised their game with more diverse and elevated offerings,” said Colleen Thomas, VP of Operations for the KDA. “In addition, our growth required the KDA to take a fresh look at everything – the Trail™, the brand and the visitor experience.”

After a great deal of research – including listening sessions with consumers and industry leaders – it was evident there was a clear need to simplify the experience, better educate customers about the Trail™ before arrival, and reimagine the brand in a way that would better reflect today’s elevated and diverse offerings at Kentucky distilleries.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail® will now include all member distilleries, including the ones previously showcased separately on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour.® “It creates a simpler experience for everyone, and brings the Trail™ more interesting and diverse choices,” said Thomas. “We’re also shifting away from the idea of completing the Trail™ and instead emphasizing slowing down, savoring the moment and exploring the possibilities.”

The Bourbon Trail™ is also getting a fresh, new brand identity that conveys a joyful sense of discovery, elevated adventure, and attainable luxury.

Along with the new brand identity comes a new digital experience. The new website features the ability to Build Your Own Bourbon Trail,™ allowing visitors to imagine and explore a wide range of possible itineraries before they ever arrive in Kentucky.

Gregory considers it a breakthrough for future visitors: “You know what you want, why you’re here, and what your priorities are. With #BYOBT, you decide what’s important, and the website presents you with the distilleries, hotels and restaurants that match your preferences.”

“There’s a Bourbon Trail™ that’s just right for you, and our digital tools will make it easy and fun for you to discover it,” said Thomas.

With fresh branding, a new digital experience, and more Bourbon lovers arriving from around the world, a new era for the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® is here.

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