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What Do We Mean By Build Your Own Bourbon Trail?™

By:Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Posted: June 13, 2024

By:Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Posted: June 13, 2024

Person looking at the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® website on their mobile device

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail® now has 46 distilleries. Chances are, that’s a good bit more Kentucky hospitality than you’ll have time to enjoy on your next vacation.

Today’s Bourbon Trail™ is filled with so many unique possibilities, it’s impossible to break it down into just a couple of itineraries.

There are large distilleries. Small, intimate ones. Distilleries with great dining and entertainment. And distilleries where you can actually have a conversation with the owner or master distiller. They’re all different, and they’re all amazing. 

So our new digital experience is designed to help you explore and decide for yourself what the perfect Bourbon Trail™ vacation is for you. 

Let’s say you’re flying into Cincinnati or driving in from Ohio or Indiana, or Pennsylvania. You might want to get thoroughly acquainted with our Northern Region.

Snapshot of the trip-planning tool on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® website filtered to the Northern region of the Bourbon Trail™

The filters on our website will let you see exactly which distilleries, hotels and dining experiences are convenient for you.

But, geography is only one way to Build Your Own Bourbon Trail™. You can use our filters to explore the Trail™ in other ways, or to further narrow your choices.

Let’s say you’re still headed to the Northern Region, but you’re especially interested in tasting Bourbon straight out of the cask.

It’s as simple as adding “Barrel Thieving” in our Tours & Tastings filter, and you’ll see all the distilleries in the Northern Region that offer that experience.

Every filter is another way of seeing the Trail™, and imagining your perfect trip. 

Then, you can take what you’ve learned and book your choices with each distillery, restaurant or hotel. Or, let one of our trusted transportation partners take care of reservations for you.

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