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You can never fully predict the destiny of whiskey in a barrel. Its a game of patience, faith and chance. Best we could do is select exceptional grains, ensure its careful preparation for fermentation, select distinct yeasts for the alchemical transformation before distillation and, of course, choose the right barrels. The art of barrel selection and aging is often an underappreciated part of the process of making whiskey. Ours are 100% hand-crafted, always toasted and charred to perfection with wood burning fire. They provide the most lavish resting place for maturation of our fine Bourbon and Rye whiskies until harvest.

The first time I tasted our whiskey straight out of a barrel was exhilarating, frightening, and magical all at the same time. Consider that after years of experimentation, I found just the right mix of grains and yeast, distilled a beautiful clear whiskey that then, had to rest, for years. As much as I love making whiskey and sharing it, watching the barrels, night and day, summer and winter, year after year in anticipation of the day of harvest, was the most difficult of times. Not knowing how the elements and time will impact the liquid nestled in the barrel requires life with uncertainty.

Now, after five years, the wait is over. In an evening of discovery, I’m inviting a small group of guests to our distillery to watch and taste our first cask strength release out of the barrel into the glass. Join me to experience an in-depth tour, tasting of Rabbit Holes coveted First Cask Strength Bourbon, a multi-course dinner curated by a nationally renowned chef and cocktails perfectly paired with each course that will elevate your dining experience. Also, as our guest, be the first to purchase a bottle of this very rare, limited release of Rabbit Hole Cask Strength. I hope you will join us for this special evening.


Kaveh Zamanian, Founder & Whiskey Maker

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