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“House Style” Restaurants, bars, hotels, and other businesses all have different “House Styles” to attract varying customers to their venues.  There are 10 Major Distilleries, and 2,300 Craft Distillers producing over 4,000 brands of American Whiskey today. With so many whiskeys on the landscape, one key way to wade through all the offerings is to know a Distillery’s “House Style”.

In this presentation Heaven Hill Whiskey Ambassador; Bernie Lubbers covers Heaven Hill’s “House Style” and how that results in our brands, how Heaven Hill compares to other distilleries, and how you can use that information in making your whiskey buying decisions.  This presentation gets really Nerdy and Geeky, so come loaded with questions.

Limited Seating  $10 per person.

Reservations online or via the Westport Whiskey & Wine App.

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