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Join The Bourbon Road podcast at the next Bourbon Sessions at the Ripy Mansion when hosts Mike Hiatt and Jim Shannon discuss the Bourbon Boom. Sip along as they discuss how social media and new media formats such as podcasts have had a major impact on this growth.

The Bourbon Road is two veterans sharing pours and good stories with interesting guests. Each week they sip on bourbon while talking with celebrities, musicians, chefs, authors, industry experts and everyone in between. If bourbon makes it better… or even the other way around, then they want to talk about it. Jim Shannon and Mike Hiatt are both military veterans with a love for bourbon. They live in Shelby County, Kentucky in the heart of “Bourbon Country”. The show is often recorded on the road as the boys travel, meeting new friends and tasting new whiskey. They always keep the conversation “clean” and “smartly focused” on the guests. Even so, they love to have fun as jokes and laughter are commonplace on every episode. So, kick back with a pour of your favorite bourbon, and join them on their journey down The Bourbon Road.

During the Bourbon Sessions at the Ripy Mansion there will be lively discussion and whiskey tasting featuring selections from Wild Turkey, W.L. Weller and Wilderness Trail paired with light appetizers. As always, the cocktail bar will be open and tours of the mansion will be available. All proceeds in excess of event costs will go directly toward the continued restoration efforts of the Ripy Mansion.

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