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Maggie Kimberl, American Whiskey Magazine content editor and Bourbon Women Association President will lead the Saturday, Sept. 11 Bourbon Session at the Ripy House from 4-7 p.m.

Maggie is a freelance spirits journalist focusing on whiskey culture in the United States, though she considers herself to be “geographically blessed” to live in the epicenter of the bourbon world, Louisville, Kentucky. When she’s not covering the bourbon beat, you can find her browsing through vintage vinyl with her kids or tending to her homegrown tomatoes.

For this session, Maggie will take you on a journey of “The Agricultural Evolution of Bourbon.”

Bourbon just didn’t happen. What started as a way to preserve crops was gradually improved upon until it became what we know and love today. But how did it get there? Learn about common whiskey on the frontier all the way to modern-day commercial Bourbon with a guided tasting and presentation.

As always, the tasting will be paired with appetizers. A cash bar is available as well as a tour of the Ripy Mansion. All proceeds cover the cost of the event itself and any remaining funds go directly towards the continued restoration efforts of the Ripy Mansion.

Tickets are $25 and will be available online or at the door.

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