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Fitness and outdoor lovers can experience the excitement of Kentucky Bourbon Trail® by bicycle. It’s no easy feat—but experienced cyclists will appreciate the challenge and beauty of Kentucky’s world-famous rolling hills.


The recommended routes begin and end in Louisville and Lexington, as most visitors to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® travel to one of these cities. Also, most options for bike shops, grocery stores, restaurants and accommodations are available in these cities. For route options that begin in other cities in Kentucky, please join the Kentucky Bourbon Trail RidewithGPS®.

Many factors determine how long it may take to bike the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®. Most riders choose 1-3 days, although longer options exist for those who want to see more or enjoy their ride at a leisurely pace.

Factors to consider:

  • How many distilleries do you plan to visit?
    We recommend no more than 2-3 each day, especially if you plan to stop for a tour.
  • Average mileage per day?
    Depending on how many distilleries you plan to tour, we recommend 50-80 miles each day.
  • Do you plan to stop in for a tour, or only ride by?
    Depending on the number of visitors at each distillery, tours may not be available on a walk-up basis. Be sure to book online ahead of time if you want to guarantee a spot. Please keep in mind that most online tickets are not refundable or transferable, so please be sure to make it to the distillery on time.
  • Kentucky is not flat and has continuously rolling hills.
  • Climbs are not long — typically less than 0.5 miles — but they are frequent.
  • Most riders find a rhythm that allows them to climb one hill and then coast down the next, allowing their momentum to carry them partially up the next climb.
  • Some may find it challenging. Others find it quite enjoyable. We quite love it.
  • It is often good practice to carry a change of shoes for the distilleries. Some distilleries do not allow cycling shoes with exposed cleats. We recommend wearing recessed cleats, such as Shimano SPDs, or bringing cleat covers.
  • Many distilleries sell products that can only be found at that location. With this in mind, please consider how you plan to carry that rare bottle of Bourbon on your bicycle.
  • Some distilleries have bike racks, others do not. Please be considerate of where you leave your bike while touring the distillery. We recommend carrying a secure bike lock if you plan to take a tour.
  • Most distilleries close by 4 p.m., but it is up to you to confirm the hours with each distillery individually. DO NOT GET YOUR VEHICLE LOCKED IN AFTER HOURS.
  • All recommended routes are on paved public roads that are open to vehicular traffic, and riders should be comfortable sharing the road with motorists.
  • All of the recommended routes on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® are planned by local cyclists with safety as the top priority. However, please note in some cases that short distances along high speed roadways are unavoidable to reach various distilleries.
  • Road hazards may exist on any and all roadways.
  • Yes and no. Central Kentucky is quite rural and in some places somewhat remote.
  • If partaking in a self-supported tour, we always recommend leaving a detailed itinerary with a friend or family member before departing.
  • Depending on where you begin and end your tour, public parking is usually located nearby.
  • Always ensure that you have the distillery’s permission to park your vehicle prior to departing on your ride. If you plan to head out on a day ride, please be sure to return before the distillery closes and locks their gate.
  • Generally, you will encounter a town with food and water options every 15-20 miles. However, it is always advisable to carry additional water and food for your ride.
  • Please note that outside of Louisville and Lexington, it can be more challenging to find options for those who have a restricted diet, such as vegan or vegetarian. We suggest planning accordingly.
  • We have created numerous recommended routes on RidewithGPS, a cycling navigation app. We suggest downloading the app, joining the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Club, and then downloading a specific route to your phone for turn-by-turn navigation.
  • You can download printable maps and cue sheets from RidewithGPS for the routes you plan to follow. We recommend carrying cue sheets as a backup in the event of a dead, lost or broken cell phone.


Bike the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® on your own terms. Using local knowledge of the safest and most scenic routes, our local cycling experts have designed recommended routes for the self-sufficient cyclist. Each rider plans their own trip, carries their own gear/equipment and arranges accommodations. Please remember to book your tours with the distilleries ahead of time. 

Note: Safety is priority (the shortest route is rarely the safest route for cyclists). You cannot leave your car at distilleries over night.


Begin and end at picturesque Woodford Reserve Distillery. Bike through beautiful Woodford County to three Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Distilleries: Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Four Roses.

  • 55 Mile Loop
  • 3,400 ft of Climbing
  • Moderately Strenuous

Begin and end in downtown Louisville. Visit 8 distilleries over 3 days: Angel’s Envy, Kentucky Artisan, Kentucky Peerless, Four Roses, Jim Beam, Willett, Heaven Hill Heritage Center, Evan Williams.

  • 165 Mile Loop
  • 6,877 ft of Climbing
  • Moderately Strenuous

Begin in Lexington at Town Branch Distillery and end in Louisville at Angel’s Envy Distillery. Visit 10 Distilleries: Town Branch, Woodford Reserve, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Maker’s Mark, Willett, Heaven Hill, Four Roses (Cox’s Creek), Jim Beam, Angel’s Envy.

  • 188 Miles, Point to Point
  • 9,000 ft of Climbing
  • Strenuous

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